hip hop classes

Larkin Dance Studio offers weekly hip hop classes for recreational dancers. Dancers can expect to do a full warm-up, learn basic hip hop steps and break skills, and learn combinations each week. All hip hop classes will perform a routine in the spring recital. Classes will follow the same holiday break schedules as recreational students.

45 min - $51/month

Attire for all classes is comfortable sweat pants or shorts, tank top or T-shirt and tennis shoes.

Ages 6-7     Tuesday - 7:00 pm
Ages 8-9     Tuesday - 7:10 pm
Ages 10-12  Tuesday - 7:45 pm
Ages 12-13   Tuesday - 8:10 pm
Ages 14-18   Tuesday - 8:30 pm

Ages 7-9      Thursday- 7:00 pm
Ages 10-12   Thursday- 7:45 pm

For more advanced hip hop classes, please contact us.