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2018 Production – Hall Of Fame

2018 Production – Hall Of Fame


As many of us know, finding our passion is something that can take a lifetime to figure out. For others, it’s felt from an early age. Many children today are developing this passion before they even learn to read. It’s that unspoken gift that we as humans are given and it’s up to us to help grow and nurture it.

In our case, it’s dance.

Dancing is as intense as just about every sport. And loving a sport will teach children vital life skills – commitment, hard work, discipline, motivation and cooperation. Most importantly: teamwork and learning how to work with others.

We are the teachers, choreographers, trainers, coaches and friends entrusted with the care of your child. We do not take our responsibility lightly. We are drawn to teaching dance because we love to witness the growth, strength and talent each child can showcase when given the opportunity. We thrive on molding children into the best that they can be – physically, mentally and emotionally. We understand that our instruction is not only for technique, but also for things like dedication, humility and respect. Even the best still practice and make mistakes, we are all human.

Fueled by passion, we work with dancers every day to stay the course, to push harder, and to pursue their dreams.